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Sliding System 

ICU 300/ ICU 300T

Manual Sliding Doors with Breakout Expanded Access 

The ICU 300 doors are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and finishes. Single, biparting, or telescopic doors are available with either two, three, four, or six panels. A recessed track or trackless guide system allows for easy operation with or without a floor track. Perfect Access for hospitals and surgical centers.

Benefits of ICU 300 / ICU 300T  System

Trackless bottom guide option

Electrostatic discharge grounding

Remote panel status monitoring

Positive latch

High-strength trackless model


Sliding System 


Automatic bi-folding door with slender fine-frame profiles 

When the door opens, both door panels fold simultaneously and swivel to the sides. This creates large passages although the overall system width is rather small. In addition, the hinges are of jam-free design and therefore especially safe. The FFT bi-folding door is especially suitable for areas where space is tight and no standard sliding door solutions may be installed. The door panels are equipped with fine-frame profile systems (G) to protect the double glazing. This type of door is tested to DIN 18650 and approved for application in emergency exits and escape routes as specified in the German guidelines for automatic sliding doors in escape routes.

Benefits of FFT System

• Slender profiles allowing large glass surfaces

• Sensitive force monitoring

• Versions with or without floor-integrated guide rails

• Minimal space requirement 

• Maximum door dimensions ( Maximum clear passage width: 2000 mm and Maximum clear passage height 2500 mm)


Sliding System 


Curved sliding doors for individual entrance areas

Special Line of curved sliding doorsets will provide your entrance area with an enticing and individual atmosphere. The doors can be designed as outwardly or inwardly curved half-circles and segments, as full-circle configurations, and even as oval and double-segment units – almost anything is possible. Curved sliding door for clear passage widths from 1,000 to 2,500 mm

Benefits of BST / F-BST System

Extremely versatile

Maximum user convenience

Wide range of modular components

• Various operation modes

Optional version for application in emergency    exits and escape routes (FBST)


Sliding System 

ESA 200

Commercial Fixed Sidelite Automatic Sliding Door

The ESA 200 is an extruded aluminium stile and rail door designed for interior or exterior applications where emergency breakout of only the sliding panels is required. With fixed side light and breakout of only the sliding panel required. The system is available in both narrow or medium style, clear or dark bronze anodized finish. And overhead combination safety and activation sensors. Also available as ESA 200 HP Hurricane-resistant door

Benefits of ESA 200 System

• Smooth, clean look

• Emergency Exits

Intelligent, efficient, and technologically advanced

Self-monitoring for safety

• Exclusive feature - sound-dampening track

Sliding System 

ESA 500