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Highly Reliable & Secure Designs

We offer a vast collection of products, all highly function and from reliable brands to ensure your security.

Our Products 

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Glass Partitions.jpg

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions systems are the solution to enjoy the view or simply to create a comfort zone of great scenographic impact. Ideal for enhancing the home or enriching your business. We work with the Italian company Protezioni, to deliver the best products. 

Movable Walls.png

Movable Walls

With Movable Walls systems an intelligent solution is available for flexible space utilization, whether sound insulated or transparent our movable walls with flexible partitions enable efficient space utilization for almost any business. The Movable Walls systems are all provided by Dormakaba.

Garage Gate.png

Garage Gates

Our Garage Gates solutions provide seamless mechanical entrances to your private residents and your businesses. They are the best technical solutions in order to make great electromechanical operators. Our partners in these systems are RIB.


Traffic & Road Barriers

Traffic & Road Barriers systems are electro-mechanical barriers designed to regulate rapid vehicle access in intensive applications, such as at the entrance of car parks and residential areas. Our partners in these systems are RIB. 

roller shutter alulux.JPG

Our aluminium roller shutters systems are all-rounders for a better quality of living, with lower energy consumption, more convenience and an ideal solution for modernisation . Our provider is Alulux, a German manufacturer with the best quality materials ensuring lasting benefits. 

Roller Shutters

talos Rdrd.jpg

Revolving Doors

The Revolving Doors systems range allows building design to meet functionality. The main entrance gives a clear statement of your building's image. The Revolving Doors systems are all provided by Dormakaba. 

Auto Swinging.png

Automatic Swinging

The Automatic Swinging Doors systems offer excellent accessibility within a small opening. They have proven pedigree in demanding applications with wind load control and continuous self-monitoring. The Automatic Swinging Doors systems are all provided by Dormakaba. 

Auto. Sliding.jpg

Automatic Sliding



Shading systems and fabrics are all provided by Gale Pacific, our partners with products that are advanced in polymer fabrics for high-end commercial and industrial applications.



Shades is the specialist in sun protection, terrace roofing and outdoor living. We stand for professional solutions that improve your quality of life, and create wonderful feel-good spaces. Our partner in these systems are Erhardt Markisen. 

Sliding Automatic Door provide responsive opening within the minimum threshold size making them ideal for applications in busy areas. Their elegant style and welcoming action make them popular in glass facades. The Automatic Sliding Doors systems are all provided by Dormakaba. 

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