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Cassette Arm Awning

Erhardt Q


Bauhaus Design

The ERHARDT Q housing has a modern Bauhaus design and can thus be perfectly integrated into any modern architectural style. The ERHARDT Q has been conceived using the latest in engineering practice and is constructed of high-quality materials. It is characterised by exceptional stability and torsional stiffness. The cassette awning is particularly robust and durable, and is thus also suitable for larger areas. When the awning is retracted, the fabric and technology are completely protected in its housing, which thus ensures perfect protection from the elements.

The ERHARDT Q is available as standard with a motor. Available options include a remote-controlled motor and a dimmable LED strip in the housing for a pleasant light. The ERHARDT Q can be equipped with a Vario-Valance for privacy and sun protection in the vertical area. This can be operated conveniently in the same way as the main awning via the wireless hand transmitter included as standard.

Open Arm Awning

Erhardt S

For your Perfect Outdoor Space

The Erhardt S gives you ideal sun protection in a protected areas – so it should be mounted underneath a balcony or roof overhang, for example, in order to protect the fabric and the mechanism from wind and weather. With a timeless, elegant design, the Erhardt S allows you to customise your awning from a variety of options to create the perfect spot on your terrace.

Benefits of Erhardt S System

• Maximum dimensions: 600 x 300 cm (width x projection length)
• A rain cover for weather protection is an option
• The fabric and mechanism are open

Cassette Arm Awning

Erhardt C

For Your 

Open Spaces

The ERHARDT C is the classic cassette awning from Erhardt, and it creates an immediate impression thanks to its redesigned cassette. When retracted, the elegant cassette design is clearly visible – this blend of form and function makes it ideal for almost any architectural style. The fabric and the mechanism are well protected from wind and weather, which means the awning will last for many years. Various equipment options are available, allowing you to customise the awning to suit your needs. How you spend your free time and enjoy your awning is up to you: whether you prefer the cool shade or the pleasant half-shade, simply press a button and the ERHARDT C awning will adapt to your individual needs and create the perfect atmosphere on your terrace, whatever the time of day. So you can enjoy every single moment under your ERHARDT C awning.

Benefits of Erhardt C System

• Maximum dimensions: 650 x 350 cm (width x projection length)
• Integrated rain gutter

Open Arm Awning

Erhardt BS

For Modern Demands

The ERHARDT BS is the ideal solution for every requirement, whether protected under a balcony or overhanging roof, free-hanging and exposed to everything the weather can throw at it, or with two levels of shade thanks to a Vario-Valance. The ERHARDT BS can be used as an open folding-arm awning in a protected area, in the open thanks to its additional rain cover, and/or as a completely enclosed system that provides full protection for the fabric and the mechanism. For optimum vertical protection from the sun and to give you the privacy you want, the ERHARDT BS »Deluxe« can be equipped with a Vario-Valance, which can be operated conveniently in the same way as the main awning via the wireless hand transmitter. The awning is equipped with a valance as standard, and a designer drop profil is also available.recommend our Soltis fabric collection for the double awning. This fabric allows a view towards the outside from the inside.

Benefits of Erhardt BS System

• Maximum dimensions: 700 x 400 (width x depth)
• Standard with flounce or as »Deluxe« Model with design failure profile
• Available with Vario-Valance

• Vario-Valance: 700 x 350 cm (width x depth


Awnings Systems

The closed fabric and the technology lie open and are thus exposed to the weather conditions relatively unprotected. A rain cover is optionally available as basic protection. The high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components are therefore, as with all our awnings, permanently weatherproof. The valance is the only view protection on technology and arms. 

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Slim design for protected mounting

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